Advocate of the Month

March Spotlight on Advocacy

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson - large 25-year old Chad Johnson has always been a hard worker, but now he’s working hard for himself. 

Chad is a full-time employee of RTC Industries and an active member of several Logan County Braves Special Olympics teams including basketball, softball, bowling and track and field. He loves to do his own laundry and clean the house where he lives in Bellefontaine with his family. 

A few years ago Chad took a Self-Advocacy class with the Logan County Board of DD. It has taken some time for him to decide what he wants to do with his life and how to put those dreams into action. However, Chad is really picking up momentum and making his voice heard!

Chad recently began attending regional advocacy meetings with Community First Coordinator Kelli Bader and several other individuals from the Logan County Board of DD. Using his new advocacy skills, Chad made it known that he wanted to participate in this spring’s Bellefontaine Police Department Citizens Police Academy. So Chad, his friend Joe VanVoorhis and RTC’s Lisa Davidson are all a part of the 2018 CPA Class. Chad recently participated in the Huntsville United Methodist Church Night to Shine and he is also thinking about joining Aktion Club.





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